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Nazlı Gonca


Cargo Marketing A. Manager

İGA Istanbul Airport


Interested in:

Contributing to workshops, Becoming a speaker at an industry event, Taking part in working groups, Joining a jury in industry awards

About her:

Hi everyone, I want to give a brief about my background. I have been in business life over 18 years. After I graduated from university with a degree in Statistics, I started working in banking industry for over 10 years as a corporate portfolio manager. I have a lot of experience in the finance and corporate sales. Afterwards, I had experience retail industry and finally I am in aviation sector and very delightful to perform as a woman leader in cargo industry. Also, I have a freelance-trainer experience. And I really like to transfer my knowledge to the others. Now, I'm in charge of cargo operations at Istanbul Airport as Business Development/Cargo Marketing A. Manager. In addition, I'd like to tell you proudly that I'm a Human Resources Volunteer in a non governmental organization concerning the qualified women who are not active in the business world. Our aim is to re-gain these women to the business world. Therefore, I'd be very glad to have a role in this women solidarity union. Best Regards, Nazlı

Her expertise:

More than 15 years

Economics, Industry affairs, Communication & marketing, Human resources, Learning & development, Finance, Customs & trade facilitation, Cargo operations, e-Commerce

The perspective(s) she brings:


The language(s) she speaks:


WAL is an initiative powered by 


Turkish, English

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