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Uppink Calderwood

Head of Aviation, Travel and Tourism Industries

World Economic Forum

United States

Interested in:

Becoming a board member, Becoming a speaker at an industry event, Contributing to publications (i.e. white papers), Joining a jury in industry awards

About her:

Helping Aviation, Travel and Tourism corporations and governments succeed together in navigating technological and geopolitical change.

An analytical and perceptive professional with ten years experience in designing and managing complex multi-stakeholder partnerships for mutual benefit. Demonstrates excellent strategic communication and leadership across government, industry and non-profit sectors.

In 2015, I founded AGORA, a collaborative agency that brings together project-specific teams to apply the entrepreneurial design principles of ideation and innovation to the public realm. We utilise storytelling, partnership-building and iterative policy-making to design and implement authentic civic projects, that aim to empower the marginalised, enable spaces for their active inclusion in conversations that matter, and equalise access to socio-economic services.

Program Leadership - Partner Development - Strategy - Stakeholder Management - Facilitation

Her expertise:

8 to 15 years

Industry affairs, Transformation & innovation, Blockchain, Security, Sustainability & environment, Sustainable alternative fuel, Diversity & inclusion

The perspective(s) she brings:

The language(s) she speaks:


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