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Scanning the Horizon: 21-25 Sep

Weekly recap of news in air cargo, clean tech, drones and sustainability.

The Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends Of 2020: A Post Covid-19 Assessment

Source: Forbes

As the global pandemic continues to transform virtually every industry and aspect of everyday life, Forbes revisited their 2020 digital transformation trends initially shares at the wake of COVID-19:

  • As more and more of the worksforce are increasingly working remotely, the fast as ever connectivity powered by 5G, 6th generation Wifi and Always Connected PCs (ACPCs) are as key as ever.

  • Business who take advantage of the big data and place analytics high on the agenda will strive. And as data usage continues growing, machine learning and AI helping to analyze it should have equal focus for businesses.

The challenge of a lifetime: how to get billions of COVID-19 vaccines around the world

Source: World Economic Forum

The Chief Commercial Officer of DHL Katja Busch layed out the complexities of future COVID-19 vaccines across the world, fast, reliably and fairly:

  • Some 15,000 flights and 15 million cooling boxes may be needed to distribute the vaccine globally

  • Access to data and shipment transparency will be key to avoid bottlenecks in emergency response, but currently there is no platform covering all visibility needs

  • It is likely, some of the vaccines currently in trial will deman transportation in extreme cold temperatures, for which most of the regions, espcially Africa, South America and parts of Asia are not equipped to manage

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Supreme Court judge was 'warrior for gender equality'

Source: BBC News

The US Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or R.B.G., has left a legacy which is hard to encompass in just a few lines. Among her many achievements, she was "a warrior for gender equality" and has advanced women's rights, including fighting for equal pay, fought against gender-based discrimination, to name just a few.

We take this opportunity to celebrate her life achievements, and continue calling for positive change in diversity of all kinds and inclusion at work and beyond.

Walmart is using drones to deliver Covid-19 tests

Source: CNN

Walmart launched a pilot drone delivery program to deliver Covid-19 tests to homes within a one-mile radius of North Las Vegas. The sample the can be sent to a lab via FedEx and results delivered digitally within two days.

Airbus reveals plans for zero-emission aircraft fuelled by hydrogen

Source: The Guardian

Airbus unvealed three types of airplane models to be powered by hydrogen. The aircraft will be tested to see which model is the most efficient with the final concept to be chosen by 2025.

Airplanes able to carry up to 200 passengers over 2000 nautical miles are expected to be produced as of 2035, with the right regulation and infrastructure set in place.

Global air cargo volumes grow 3% in September: WorldACD

Source: The STAT Trade Times

Air cargo volumes increased 3% in September, North America growing the fastest with an 8% jump.

Sustainable-Bond Market Boosted by Europe’s Top Institutions

Source: The Wall Street Journal

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Commission (EC) show their comittment to the sustainable finance and making it more transparent and standardized:

  • The ECB will "start buying sustainability-linked corporate bonds as part of its quantitative-easing program and accept them as collateral for loans to commercial banks."

  • The EC will "fund a third of its coronavirus recovery fund spending with green debt."



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