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Scanning the Horizon: 28 Sep-2 Oct

Alibaba Investor Day 2020: Daniel Zhang Sees Digitalization as the ‘Biggest Opportunity of Our Time’

Source: Alizila

At at yearly investor-facing event the Alibaba Group unveiled its business ambitions, strategy and results:

  • As digitalization is being embraced by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and brands accross China and the region, going digital is one of the biggest opportunities for the Group

  • China continues its shift from an export and investment-driven model to a demand and consumer-driven economy

  • The other focus areas are cloud computing and data intelligence as well as globalization

  • Cainiao continues expanding its operations globally, including its logistics hubs, line-haul routes, smart customs clearance platform, fulfillment and supply chain technologies and last-mile network

Airline cargo divisions finally gain a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Source: Freight Waves

Airline cargo divisions have gained visibility and long overdue reconition during the global pandemic of COVID-19 this year as it has been one of the main sources of revenues to airlines with virtually no passenger traffic left.

Normally contributing around 12% of airline revenues in pre-pandemic levels, air cargo is estimated to reach a record 26% of industry's total revenues this year.

BLR Airport Processes 180,745 kgs of Pomegranate

Source: International Airport Bengaluru

Bengaluru airport announced it has facilitated the transportation of over 180 tons of pomegranate from April to August this year, an effort supported by a range of strict processes to maintain the freshness of the fruits and mondern infrastructure, with facilities able to accommodate temberatures between -25 and +25 degrees Celcius.


Aviation leaders highlight importance of prioritising climate action

Source: International Airport Review

A number of leading aviation trade ssociations including ATAG, ACI World, CANSO, IATA and ICCAIA called for sustainable aviation development after the pandemic:

  • ATAG: To achieve ambitious lon-term climate change goals "it will require a transition in our energy source from fossil fuel to sustainable aviation fuel" and faster development of future green aircraft technology.

  • CANSO: "Air traffic management industry has an important role to play in improving the efficiency of aviation in the near term."

  • IATA: "For aviation, the keys to combatting climate change remain investments in carbon offsetting, sustainable fuels and radical green technologies."

Covid proves pivotal role of forwarders in logistics: Thomas Mack, DHL

Source: The STAT Trade Times

For quite some time now the role of the freight forwarder as the middle man has been challenged. In this STAT Times interview with the Head of Global Air Freight at DHL, the COVID-19 pandemic proves they have a critical role as logistics providers experts.

Disrupted: the future of logistics service providers

Source: trans.iNFO

Henrik Kofod-Hansen, the founder of novosensus, a human and organizational development company in Singapore, shared his views, some quite radical, on the urgent need for logictics service providers to change.

Companies like Amazon, Maersk, DHL and Flexport are just a few examples of a new fresh mindset and disruptive business practices in this industry. Some of the key points in this article touched the need for not only progressive business practices, but also investment in people, staff engagement, upskilling, inclusion and diversity. A truly powerful message to all logistics community.

How to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine and build public trust

Source: World Economic Forum

At its recent Sustainability Summit, WEF highlighted the speed in which the COVID-19 is being developed and the need for the world leaders to ensure its fair distribution across the globe once it is ready.

Gavi, WHO and CEPI have create the COVAX Facility to adress this matter together with governments and pharma manufacturers:

"Our belief in a fast-moving pandemic is you’re not safe unless everyone is safe. What the COVAX Facility is trying to do is to get a vaccine out to all countries, rich and poor, at the same time,” - Gavi CEO Seth Berkley.


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