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Scanning the Horizon: 5-9 Oct

U.N. World Food Programme Wins 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

Source: NPR News

The World Foord Program (WFP), a U.N. agency with a focus on fighting the world hunger has one of the best logistics capabilities and network to deliver cargo and people by air or surface to the most remote and hard to reach places in the world.

This Prize comes at a crucial time of COVID-19 vaccine logistics discussions, in which the WFP together with GAVI Alliance and COVAX Facility are an essential part of.

Cargo's pandemic heroics cannot prevent budget cuts at struggling airports

Source: The Loadstar

Despite keeping the airplanes in the sky and the airports operating during the global pandemic this year, air cargo is currently facing budget cuts and lesser voice at the leadership level. Frankfurt Airport is one such example.

However, some other airports have more promising plans and a forward looking vision. Chicago Rockfort is expanding its cargo facilities, and Amsterdam Schiphol is going ahead with digitization projects.

CLIVE: Gradual recovery in air cargo market that could turn toxic for shippers

Source: Air Cargo News

Positive news on air cargo volumes growth between China and Europe for the fifth consecutive month brought some cautious optimism. But uncertain future and potential regulatory restrictions are bringing concerns over air cargo capacity limitations during the crucial holiday season. The most affected are shippers and forwarders potentially facing higher freight costs as well.

Female leaders in logistics are rated higher than male counterparts: Novosensus

Source: STAT Trade Times

Logistics sector has been lacking women in leadership positions, as well as many others related to transportation. The recent study done by Novosensus highlighted the key aspects the industry is missing out by not hiring more females in top level positions, namely:

  • Women express stronger empathy,

  • Give more constructive feedback and clearer direction,

  • Are more trustworthy,

  • And enable others to feel more confident

China joins COVAX initiative for Covid-19 vaccine distribution

Source: CNBC

China's decision to join the COVAX initiative which aims at delivering 2 billion COVID-19 vaccines globally by end of 2021, gives credit to the program and shows China's commitment to contribute to a fair and equitable distribution of the vaccine across the globe, including the developing countries.

Social justice, inclusion and sustainable development need a ‘Great Reset’. Here are 3 key steps we can take

Source: World Economic Forum

The global pandemic has accentuated the social inequalities across the world, exclustion and racism, as well as the damage this is causing to the societies of the world.

The article points out three steps to turn this situation around:

  1. Address the concerns of consumers and employees who are asking for social justice and environmental responsibility

  2. Companies, organizations and partnerships need to change their internal decision making structure to allow for a serious switch finally making inclusive and diverse workforce a reality

  3. Address systemic inequalities in global development efforts, as the pandemic, the climate change and economic crisis are affecting the most vulnerable groups, already fighting racism, exclusion and economic inequalities


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