TIACA Transformation

TIACA has mandated Change Horizon to deliver its transformation program with a revised governance structure and a fitter organizational set-up established. During the search for TIACA's next Director General, Céline Hourcade was commissioned to act as the Transition Director of TIACA to ensure business continuity.


Earlier, Change Horizon had provided to the TIACA Board the recommendations on how to transform the organization to ensure financial sustainability, agenda relevance and member satisfaction.

The project included a Member survey to collect feedback and identify expectations, concerns; a SWOT analysis of TIACA considering industry trends and non-profit organization's best practices. 

More information about TIACA's Transformation Program.

TIACA Sustainability 

Change Horizon has been mandated by TIACA to design, launch and manage its Sustainability Program.

It includes the organization of the annual Sustainablity Award, the creation and management of the Sustainability Working Group, the execution of the defined strategy and action plan to deliver the objectives, as well as the related communication.

More information about TIACA's Sustainability Program.

Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone (ZAEZ)

Céline Hourcade has been appointed in the International Advisory Panel of ZAEZ until end of 2022.

The objective is to provide expertise and recommendations to boost volumes in and out of CGO. Specifically, Céline Hourcade supports in the areas of international recognition and communication, digital transformation, sustainability and drones.

Start-up Advisory Role in Drone Delivery

Céline Hourcade has been advising young drone delivery start-ups Kenyan made medical drone company Swift Lab and Rigi Technologies focusing on business development strategy, defining value proposition and potential business partners.

More information about Swift Lab and Rigi Technologies.

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