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Terms and Conditions for Online Appointments

To facilitate a good exchange of ideas and questions, we limit each group workshop to 15 participants maximum and one person per company. The workshops last one hour each and are free of charge.


We want to make your appointment as valuable to you as possible by taking the time to understand your specific needs and where you are with your sustainability efforts. 


Cancellation and rescheduling


As we prepare for each meeting in advance, please let us know if can no longer make it at least one day in advance of the appointment. In case you need to reschedule, we will gladly suggest an alternative date if possible.


Safe discussions


Our workshops are a safe place to share information of your company’s sustainability activities. We will not use any data or sensitive information outside of the workshop. But please keep in mind that other participants may represent a competing business organization.


Distribution of the content


The workshop may be recorded and shared with its participants only.

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