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An Inclusive Journey to Air Cargo Sustainability

As the world’s governments are negotiating an effective response to the climate emergency at the UNFCC COP26 in Glasgow, our focus is on making sure the air cargo community is well equipped to lead and support the change.

The air cargo sector has an important role to play in reducing its negative impact on the planet and improving the wellbeing of people, including the people working in this industry. Joining the journey to sustainable air cargo can unlock the business opportunities as well as contribute to the pride of current employees and attract future talents.

Top priorities for a sustainable air cargo industry

No action is too small and if reducing fuel burn or turning to Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) is not an option yet for a particular air cargo business, there is much to do to contribute to the big picture. In the TIACA Air Cargo Sustainability Roadmap (pdf), which we wrote to help the industry start its journey to sustainability, we suggest 30 actionable priorities to reach 8 key objectives:

1. Decarbonize

2. Eliminate waste

3. Protect biodiversity

4. Support local economies and communities

5. Improve lives and wellbeing

6. Improve efficiencies and profitability

7. Attract, retain, and develop employees

8. Build and nurture partnerships

The case for a gradual shift

Watching over 120 leaders in Glasgow negotiate a high-level target to combat climate change may seem far away from individual businesses eager to understand what they can practically do to contribute. This is also true to air cargo companies, sometimes with limited resources and at early stages of their sustainability journey. The first steps may be intimidating. Seeing how small the contribution may be, could be discouraging. Is it even worth starting?

We say, yes, absolutely, no matter how small your business is, you can make a difference in making the world a better place to live, and your company a great place to work. But you need to start acting. We are convinced that not waiting for the big cargo players to pave the way will pay off as a competitive advantage and a business differentiator.

At Change Horizon, we specialize in consulting services uniquely designed to help aviation and logistics companies start and accelerate their sustainable transformation and improve their environmental, social and business impacts on the world. Let’s connect and discuss your sustainability journey now.


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