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Scanning the Horizon: Time for the Planet Edition

🌱 We recently announced our support to Time for the Planet which ambitions to raise 1B euros and finance 100 companies with the most innovative ideas to combat global warming.

And last week, we were delighted to read so many articles about aviation & logistics' environmental responsibilities, focusing on concreate actions: measurement efforts, provision of new decision making tools, push for the use and further development of sustainable alternative fuels, transition plans to zero-emission vehicles...

CargoAI launched its CO2 emission calculator, using IATA RP1678 methodology

Sources: The Loadstar and CargoAI website

CargoAI wants to offer freight forwarders the option to choose routes and airlines based on their carbon impact and calculate the CO2 emitted from each shipment. They have developped a calculator, based on the IATA Recommended Practice 1678 for CO2 Emissions Measurement Methodology developed by the IATA Air Cargo Carbon Footprint (ACCF) working group, which establishes a methodology to measure the CO2 emissions generated by air cargo at shipment level.

This work was led by Celine Hourcade when she was working for IATA heading the Sustainability agenda 👏🌎. Using a standard mehodology helps air cargo players, customers and regulators to measure and report the same way. Measuring carbon footprint is the first step to reduce emissions as it allows informed and fact-based decision making process.

At Change Horizon, we applaud CargoAI for this calculator and encourage all digital booking platforms to do the same!

Read the full article.

$8 billion roadmap to decarbonize DHL by 2030, focusing on climate-neutral logistics

Source: Air Cargo Eye