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Change Horizon and Meantime Communications Launch the Women in Aviation and Logistics Pledge

Press release

International Woman’s Day 2021 marks the beginning of a movement for change for the airfreight community

Vernier, Switzerland and London, UK Monday 8th March 2021: Change Horizon and Meantime Communications are calling on businesses, trade associations and individual professionals to sign the Women in Aviation and Logistics Pledge to promote gender equality in the airfreight industry.

The Pledge will serve as a vehicle to mobilise the industry to advocate for change and define concrete targets and an action plan to achieve gender equality in air cargo.

“Although the debate on improving gender balance in air cargo has been going on for many years now, there are still too few women in decision-making roles, speaking at, or even attending, industry events,” said Céline Hourcade, Founder and Managing Director of Change Horizon.

“We have outstanding female professionals in this industry and their distinct expert voices must be elevated through gender parity.”

“We have been talking about this for far too long, it is time to take action,” said Emma Murray, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meantime Communications.

“We want the Pledge to kick-start a movement for change, which will benefit us all, transforming air cargo into the diverse industry it should already be, and encouraging and attracting the next generation of air cargo leaders.”

Program objectives:

  • Raising awareness of women air cargo professionals by celebrating and promoting their great achievements in the industry

  • Launching a public database of female speakers in aviation and logistics

  • Setting-up forums at global, local, or company levels to share best practices and actionable advice among industry peers

  • Establishing a knowledge centre with industry facts and figures to raise awareness on current gender gaps within air cargo, including the gender pay gap and other inequalities, and open public debates to challenge the status quo

  • Increasing gender balance in senior management and leadership roles

  • Pushing for progress in broader diversity and inclusion metrics across the industry

“At Change Horizon, sustainability and gender equality have been at the core of our values since the moment I started the company in September 2019, " said Céline.

"The benefits of having gender-balanced teams span far beyond making a company more competitive, innovative and profitable.”

“A year in a global pandemic has proven that the air cargo industry needs to transform and there is no better time and more urgency to bring the voice of women to make this industry more resilient.”

“Sustainability is in Meantime’s DNA, and I believe we all have a duty of care to this industry, which has given me so many opportunities, and to the young talent ready to join, to make it the best it can be," said Emma.

“There is no excuse for standing by, we can achieve this by working together.”

All the companies, associations, and individuals who will sign the pledge or support the cause will be invited to join the program, which will kick off with an introductory session at the end of March 2021.

More information:

Picture caption: Emma Murray, CEO and Founder, Meantime Communications (left), Céline Hourcade, Managing Director, Change Horizon (right).

About Change Horizon

Change Horizon Sarl was founded in September 2019 by Céline Hourcade driven by her ambition to support aviation and logistics organizations with their development and transformation programs.

For more details, visit the Media Room and for regular announcements follow Change Horizon on LinkedIn.

About Meantime Communications

Meantime Communications is a B2B public relations consultancy supporting logistics, supply chain, tech, and fintech innovators globally since 2008.

We are a sustainable equal opportunities company with a people, planet, profit business model, a Living Wage employer, and a Climate Positive Workforce.


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