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Women in Aviation and Logistics is established as a not-for-profit association

and calls for industry support for its ongoing initiatives

The new Association is now open to membership and is seeking funding to drive its core projects including its mentorship scheme and speaker database

Geneva, Switzerland, and London, UK, Monday, 25th July 2022: Women in Aviation and Logistics (WAL) has been established as a not-for-profit Association, which is now open for formal membership for both corporations and individuals, and is seeking sponsorship for its programmes and initiatives.

WAL was launched on International Women’s Day 2021 as a movement for change aimed at mobilising the industry to work towards closing the workplace gender gap in aviation and logistics.

After successfully driving a series of projects, including a mentorship scheme and the creation of a database of female speakers, WAL’s structure has now been formalised to ensure it can continue to grow and has a strong future.

“We believe in the value of a diverse and inclusive aviation and logistics sector and our aim is to accelerate positive change towards a more gender-balanced industry,” said Céline Hourcade, one of WAL’s two Founding Members, and Managing Director of Change Horizon.

“Our driver is the high potential of many women professionals working in this industry set against the lack of leadership and initiatives with concrete solutions to tackle gender diversity.

“By formalising WAL as an association, we are guaranteeing its future and the future of its projects, as well as ensuring that there is a platform for growth and new initiatives.”

WAL now has two membership categories, including a paid-for Corporate membership for businesses of any size, and a free-to-join Individual membership.

The Association is also seeking funding to support its ongoing initiatives and help initiate new programmes.

“WAL has struck a timely chord with the industry, and we are incredibly grateful for the wave of support and engagement we have already seen,” said Emma Murray, one of WAL’s Founding Members, and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meantime Communications.

“It was time to formalise and future proof the Association to keep the momentum going and ensure that, by working together, we can make a lasting change.

“Now we are also seeking financial support from the industry in the form of sponsorship to fund our next mentorship scheme, further develop our database, and be able to continue to provide benchmarking and statistics about gender balance in the industry.”

WAL was established as a not-for-profit on the 20th of July 2022 in Switzerland, with Murray and Hourcade as Founding Members, and Justina Messeiller, Senior Consultant, Change Horizon, also joining the Executive Committee as Secretary.

WAL’s key objectives include promoting the value of gender balance in the workplace with data and insights; advocating for and contributing to defining an industry action plan to address gender diversity and inclusion matters; supporting industry transition by identifying concrete targets and timeframes; and developing and delivering concrete solutions to reach gender-focused goals.

Twenty-seven mentees successfully completed WAL’s inaugural mentorship scheme this May, with a waiting list ready to take part in the second edition of the programme.

The WAL pledge has 34 corporate and 88 individual signatories and the WAL database includes 59 subject matter experts ready to speak at events, judge awards, or be considered for board level positions.

For more information about joining WAL, taking part in one of its programmes, or sponsoring the Association, contact

About Women in Aviation and Logistics

The Women in Aviation and Logistics (WAL) initiative aims to mobilise businesses, trade associations, and individual professionals to advocate for change and define concrete targets and an action plan to achieve gender equality in the air cargo industry.

Launched by consultancy Change Horizon and PR specialist Meantime Communications, WAL hosts a free-to-access searchable online database of female experts ready to speak at conferences, join judging panels, and put themselves forward for Board membership.

The database is always open for new experts to join.

The WAL Mentorship Scheme brings together industry leaders with aspiring female professionals to give support, insight, and to provide networking opportunities.

The scheme is free to join and requires a minimum four-hour commitment over four months. The WAL Pledge is open to companies or individuals wanting to show support for our drive towards a sustainable, inclusive, and diverse industry.

To find out more visit


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