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Scanning the Horizon: 7-11 Dec

PelicanBioThermal and Nepal Flying Labs win Tiaca Air Cargo Sustainability Awards

Source: The Loadstar

The 2020 TIACA Air Cargo Sustainability Awards are very close to our hearts as we had a chance to drive this year's edition. The winners Pelican BioThermal and Nepal Flying Labs are two fantastic companies driving sustainability in the industry and showing how air cargo can serve in a more responsible and meaningful way.

Although we applaud this year's winners, we also congratulate a group of very strong finalists who each presented brilliant products and solutions, namely BeOn IoT, Drone Delivery Canada, VRR and skypooling.

Chuck Yeager, Test Pilot Who Broke the Sound Barrier, Is Dead at 97

Source: The New York Times

Chuck Yeager, the famous test pilot, who participated in the WII without fear, is most famous for being the first to break the sound barrier, while test-flying Bell X-1 airplane in 1947 in a desset in the US.

Interestingly, Yeager always referred to his successes as a result of hard work learning, practising and preparing for emergencies and not a particular talent. He attributed his long-lasting career a pilot to his ability to survive every flight to continue and to being truly scared of dying.

6 Key Trends in Sustainable Logistics

Source: Cainiao Network

The parent company of its logistics branch Cainiao, Alibaba, has reported a 26% year-on-year increase in sales during the Singles Day holiday this year. But the company is also committed to reducing its impact on environment in the following areas:

  • Innovative packaging

  • Machine learning and predictive analytics for demand forecasting

  • Data intelligence for last mile route management

  • Move to electronic shipping labels

  • Recycling with shippers

  • Adopting government-led initiatives to cut on packaging waste

4 creative ways companies are embracing the circular economy

World Economic Forum

The article explores how multinational companies like IKEA, Burger King and Adidas are innovating in their production process to eliminate waste and make sure all materials are used in the end.

Image source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation

  • IKEA: is collecting its gently used furniture and reselling it second-hand

  • Burger King: is using reusable packaging to sell its fast food in New York, Tokyo and Portland, Oregon

  • Adidas: introduced a line of shoes that users will "rent" new and return back to the company once they are finished with them

The 2020 List Of The World’s Most Powerful Women: How Will Female Leaders Fare Post-Pandemic?

Source: FORBES

As reports on how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted women in the workforce emerge, primarily showing lesser chances for female leaders to score top jobs, FORBES brought a light of hope with their annual list the most powerful women in the world. The prospect of the incoming Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris shaping the world's political agenda is another reason to be hopeful for a postive change to come.

This year's leaders of states stood out in exceptionally effective pandemic control measures, notably the Prime Minister of Finland and New Zealand as well as the President of Taiwan. This year's female business leaders were also making headlines for pushing for social changes and inclusivity, icluding the banking and investment industries and fashion retail.

U.N. chief calls for more climate finance for poor nations as 2020 goal slips

Source: Reuters

On the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement at the UN-organized "Climate Ambition Summit," the report confirms the world is not on-track to reach US 100 billion climate finance per year goal to support poor countries in their "green" development plans and adaptation to ever-worsening impacts of climate change.

In the developing world the COVID-19 crisis has diverted financing away from climate change initiatives towards pandemic relief and as the donor countries have not agreed to inject more financing over this week's negotiations, the poorest countries will not have enough financing for emission reduction projects outlined in the plans.



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