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Scanning the Horizon: 1-5 Feb

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Air cargo heroes going not just the extra mile, but way beyond

Source: STAT Trade Times

Nine of the most prominent air cargo media publications joined forces to write a joint article to highlight industry's immense work done delivering medical goods and vaccines and enabling global trade during an extremely uncertain time since the starto of the global pandemic.

We join the long list of air cargo executives who expressed their gratitude to their staff - the air cargo heroes who worked hard to ensure the continuity of air cargo deliveries, sometimes risking their own health.

IMF: How vaccine equity could help economic recovery

Source: International Monetary Fund via WEF

The economic impact the pandemic has had on the economies arround the world varies dramatically and the GDPs of developing countries have been affected stronger than those of the rich economies:

The unequal distribution of vaccines against COVID-19 so far has been exacerbating the grim economic recovery forcast for the emerging markets, and over 90 million people are expected to live in extreme poverty over 2020-21, reversing the positive work done in the past two decades. As we have expressed several times, how important it is to ensure an equitable vaccination of the world population and support to COVAX, the numbers-based argumentation surely helps to prove the point.

Can carbon capture make flying more sustainable?

Source: National Geographic

As part of the net-zero emissions by 2050 target set by United Airlines, the carrier planns to take advantage of the direct air capture technology which sucks CO2 directly from the atmosphere. While purchaising traditional carbon offsets has been in place for a while, the benefits may take a long time to be generated and quantified. In the case of direct carbon capture technology, it can be applied anywhere in the world and can turn carbon into stone or use it to create a sustainable aviation fuel, like the one Norsk e-Fuel is making, this creating a circular economy with a real impact.

Interview: Glyn Hughes — Prepared for the challenge

Source: Air Cargo News

As Glyn Hughes took up his role as Director General of TIACA on 1 February, he shared his vision for the organization which represents the entire air cargo community across the globe. Among the strategic priorities for TIACA, Glyn mentioned:

  • Strengthened and more vocal air cago advocacy positions

  • Maintaining the global air cargo network while passenger networks will continue to be significantly down

  • Getting airports to recognize and focus on the economic value the air cargo generates to them and spur needed investment in cargo product

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is going to create a massive waste management problem

Source: Fast Company

The deluge of trash in masks, gloves and other protective equipment generated by the COVID-19 crisis has been joined by the discarded syringes and needles from COVID-19 vaccines. Article points out to current disposal methods of how syringes and needles are desinfected and melted before ending in the landfills, the difficulties of recycling vials and vaccine packaging that is usually returned to pharmaceutical manufacturers after use. In the end, although we agree the value of vaccines is extremely important, it is also key to build a plan on how to manage this outpour of trash that will damage the environment accross the world.

Renewable And Clean Technology Trends To Expect In 2021 (And Beyond)

Source: Forbes

The analysis presents top trends towards increased use of clean technologies supported by the shift to remote work, change in the US leadership and a new vaccine:

  • Savings in energy use as the workforce moves towards more use of more energy efficient cloud-based technologies

  • The new US President Joe Biden promised to invest USD400B in research and development as well as innovation in clean tech

  • Introduction of carbon pricing to incentivize and spur the switch to the renewable energy

  • Fast vaccine rollout which will enable faster economic recovery

UK Government To Back World’s First Pad For Flying Taxis, Delivery Drones

Source: InsideEVs

The UK government announced its commitment to support the Urban Air Port plans to build a touch down port and infrastructure for flying elecctric passenger and cargo delivery vehicles. The first such port is planned to open this year in Coventry, UK's best known town for electric vehicles, with a primary purpose of serving as a docking platform for large cargo drones built by Malloy Aeronatics.


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