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Scanning the Horizon: 15-19 Mar

Brussels Airport welcomed 165,000 passengers in February, a decrease of 90%, while cargo volumes record a 21% growth


Yet another example highlighting the strengthening of air cargo segment in aviation industry - Brussels Airport recorded an unprecedented growth in freight demand due to several reasons:

  • Growing COVID-19 vaccine transportation

  • Arrival of new airlines throughout 2020: Sichuan, HongYuan, Amerijet, VirginAtlantic

  • Cargo flights moved to Brussels from congested nearby cargo airports

  • Scheduled airlines like Qatar, Singapore Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines increasing volumes

  • DHL Express adding new routes to their network

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UN Sustainable Development Goals: How companies stack Up

Source: Visual Capitalist via WEF

Out of 8'550 companies measured for their alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the MSCI All Country World Index, only 0.2% of companies were strongly aligned. Created in 2012, the UN SDGs provide a framework for a more sustainable future by 2030 that have been adopted by 193 countries globally.

Image source: World Economic Forum

The 17 UN SDGs are designed to achieve three primary objectives by 2030:

  • Protect the planet

  • End poverty

  • Create prosperity and peace for all

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