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Scanning the Horizon: 12-16 Oct

Cainiao Partners with Atlas Air To Launch Asia to South America Charter Program

Source: Yahoo Finance

Cainiao and Alibaba's growing e-commerce business continued branching out to new regions by launching a Asia to South America charter program with Atlas Air.

This move shows Cainiao business expansion strategy is nowhere close to slowing its pace in light of global pandemic - quite the opposite. We are watching what is coming next closely.

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Covid-19 and the long-term changes to e-commerce

Source: International Post Corporatation (IPC)

The year 2020 will be marked by a number of social and economic changes in global consumer bahaviour, and the growth of e-commerce will be one to stay.

Recent research shows that consumers have expanded their shopping online, especially the Millenial generation and the high-income spenders.

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Air cargo industry not yet ready for COVID-19 vaccine distribution: survey

Source: Reuters

According to TIACA and Pharma.Aero running a program aiming help air cargo for transportation of COVID-19 vaccines, the logistics industry does not feel prepared for the mamuth challenge of bringing vaccines safely, fast and equitably once they are approved.