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Scanning the Horizon: 12-16 Oct

Cainiao Partners with Atlas Air To Launch Asia to South America Charter Program

Source: Yahoo Finance

Cainiao and Alibaba's growing e-commerce business continued branching out to new regions by launching a Asia to South America charter program with Atlas Air.

This move shows Cainiao business expansion strategy is nowhere close to slowing its pace in light of global pandemic - quite the opposite. We are watching what is coming next closely.

Covid-19 and the long-term changes to e-commerce

Source: International Post Corporatation (IPC)

The year 2020 will be marked by a number of social and economic changes in global consumer bahaviour, and the growth of e-commerce will be one to stay.

Recent research shows that consumers have expanded their shopping online, especially the Millenial generation and the high-income spenders.

Air cargo industry not yet ready for COVID-19 vaccine distribution: survey

Source: Reuters

According to TIACA and Pharma.Aero running a program aiming help air cargo for transportation of COVID-19 vaccines, the logistics industry does not feel prepared for the mamuth challenge of bringing vaccines safely, fast and equitably once they are approved.

The survey which gathered feedback from airlines, ground handlers, airports, freight forwarders and solution providers relealed that only 28% of the respondents felt prepared for the upcoming transportation challenge.

Stronger collaboration accross the industry, shippers, governments and international bodies is needed to overcome these challenges.

World Bank board approves $12B for COVID-19 vaccines, treatments in developing countries

Source: The Business Inquirer

The approved USD12 billion in funding to developing countries will provide technical support and reassure pharma companies that developing countries are ready to acquire and distribute COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments to their citizens at scale.

Geodis adds emissions calculator to website

Source: Air Cargo News

Geodis, a logistics and freight transport company, added an emissions calculator to their website, which allows customers to calculate the environmental impact of their freight.

This is an important step forward in raising general awareness of precise impact of transportation to the environment and steps that can be taken to reduce it.

The age of near-shoring? Too much disruption to supply chains, say shippers

Source: The Loadstar

There has been growing interest in near-shoring not only for its environmental benefits, but also economic advantages. But recent Reuters event showed that at least the US based companies are not ready to switch to near-shoring yet:

  • Asian-based competitors proved to deliver goods faster than the US-based suppliers due to pandemic-caused measures

  • Companies are not ready to upset their established suppliers in Asia yet

  • Near-shoring involves investment in infrastructure, which does not provide sufficient short-term return for the US companies in current economic climate

However, a diversification strategy could be a solution worth investigating, suggested by a logistics company Maersk.

Fireball-dropping drones and the new technology helping fight fires

Source: National Geographic

As the seasonal wildfires in California, Australia, the Amazon, to name just a few, have become more severe and harder to control every year, more efficient technology has emerged: drones, offering a safer way to access areas where human piloted vehicals cannot risk going.

Drones operated by Drone Amplified drop hundreds of balls on the ground setting it on fire ahead of advancing wildfire in difficults to reach areas at any time of the day or night, this way protecting the rest of the land further out and providing an invaluable support to firefighters on the ground.


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