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Scanning the Horizon - 15-19 Feb

Emirates SkyCargo among 16 airlines to join UNICEF’s Humanitarian Airfreight Initiative

Source: The STAT Trade Times

16 airlines, including, AirBridgeCargo, Air France/KLM, Astral Aviation, Brussels Airlines, Cargolux, Cathay Pacific, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, IAG Cargo, Korean Air, Lufthansa Cargo, Qatar Airways, Saudia, Singapore Airlines and United Airlines and Emirates SkyCargo have agreed to prioritize the transport of COVID-19 vaccines, medicines and medical supplies under the UNICEF Humanitarian Airfreight Initiative in support of the COVAX facility in charge or equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

This commitment is particularly important as more and more news emerge showing how much the developing world has been left out of the vaccination efforts worldwide, with 130 countries yet to receive their first vaccine and the richest 10 countries accounting for 75% of vaccinations so far.

Women Are Still Scarce at Top of Corporate Ranks Even After Diversity Talk. Here’s Why.

Source: Barron's

Latest reasearch, done before the pandemic hit women in the workforce disproportionately, shows that men outnumber women by over 7 to 1 in the leadership roles of the American companies, and by even 17 to 1 in the CEO roles.

The low numbers of women at the top are explained by the lack of them in senior roles lower down the ladder and an extremely slow process of changing this trend. Secondly, the data shows, that often women are not in the traditional path to CEO type of roles, like the profit and research roles and are more in supportive roles or administrative functions.

However, interestigly there are some industries that stand out with a much higher percentage of women at the top, namely green businesses like biodiesel and fuel manufacturing, reporting half of the senior executive roles (US data) are held by women.

Tourism industry experts fear long road to recovery

Source: Statista via WEF

Following the darkest year in the history of tourism, which led to an estimated USD 1.3 trillion loss in export revenue, 2021 does not seem to bring much hope either as new variants of COVID-19 emerge and spread. Due to the continuous spread of the coronavirus and travel bans worldwide, travel experts are cautious and are forecasting travel to return to pre-pandemic levels only in 2023 earliest:

WTO chief Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on vaccine nationalism: ‘No one is safe until everyone is safe’

Source: Reuters via WEF

The freshly appointed head of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala warned against vaccine nationalism and reminded that with a fast spread of the new COVID-19 variants, all the world countries need to be vaccinated fast. With poor countries left out, the rich nations will not be safe.

The former Nigerian minister of finance and a senior leader at the World Bank, affirmed her commitment to strenghten the role of WTO in addressing the pandemic, namely in pushing to accelerate efforts to lift export restrictions which are slowing trade in medicines and medical supplies.

IKEA has released its sustainability strategy entitled “People & Planet Positive”

Source: Smart Freight Centre

One of the major shippers, IKEA, set a long term target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 70% per shipment by 2030. IKEA, which accounted for 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 (5% of total emissions) in product transportation from factories to its stores in 2019, aims to support the Paris Agreement in becoming climate positive by 2030.

The company is using its sustainability strategy to drive innovation, transform its business, steer investment, and open up new opportunities.

Keeping up with eCommerce: Key focus areas for air cargo

Source: Payload Asia

The article explores the ways air cargo industry could benefit from the e-commerce boom and the arising needs and expectations for a seamless customer experience from the e-commerce brands. The e-commerce brands expect air cargo to be able to provide a product which is consistent with e-commerce company goals of:

  • Improving the experience for ultimate end consumers

  • Transparency and availability of data, especially for cross-border shipments

  • Agility and flexibility of routes based on fluctuating consumer demands, as well as ability to scale fast at short notice


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