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Scanning the Horizon: Gender Balance Edition

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Last week, we launched the Women in Aviation in Logistics Pledge to advance gender balance in air cargo. On this occasion, we are dedicating our review of latest news in air cargo to the most remarkable stories about industry's action to reduce gender inequalities.

12 unconscious bias examples and how to avoid them in the workplace

Source: Built In

This is a great piece highlighting 12 most common unconscious bias we have all experienced at work, including:

  • Affinity bias - when people connect based on similar interests and backgrounds

  • Confirmation bias - conclusions made based on personal desires and beliefs

  • Attribution bias - judging a person based on previous interactions with them

  • Conformity bias - acting like people around you to fit, aka, the peer pressure

  • The halo effect - placing someone on a pedestal based on an impressive info

  • The horns effect - view someone negatively due to an unpleasant info on them

  • Contrast effect - comparing two or more features or people in contrast with each other

  • Gender bias - a preference of one gender over the other

  • Ageism - having negative feelings about someone based on their age

  • Name bias - judging someone based on their name(s)

  • Beauty bias - treating someone as more competent if they are beautiful

  • Height bias - jusdging someone better or worse based on their conformity to a socially-accepted human height

Inclusive initiatives revealing gender-based biases in workforce and leadership roles:

  • Advance Gender Equality in Business Switzerland-based initiative, supported by companies like ABB, Swiss Re, Pfizer and Accenture, highlights the perspectives of men and women in career opportunities retrospectively: Would I be where I am? - would men leaders have had the same career opportunities if they were born women? What would the path have been like? How I got here - testimonials from women leaders on their path to the top Learn more about the initiative.

  • If I had Been Born A Girl project The initiative aims at exploring the impact of gender stereotyping and the privileges men may have had over their lives just because of the gender they were born. The podcasts and quotes from both men and women on #IfIhadbeenbornagirl or #IfIhadbeenbornaboy are not to miss. Learn more about the initiative.

Women in the Workplace 2020

Source: McKinsey

The study analyzes the disproportionate impact that the COVID-19 crisis has had on men and women of different racial backgrounds in the workplace. As well as long term progress made towards gender parity in the corporate sphere, which has been extremely slow:

News coverage on women in air cargo:

  • Aviation and logistics firms highlight International Women’s Day initiatives Source: Air Cargo News Read the full article.

  • Time for (an inevitable) change – more women at the top in logistics Source: The Loadstar Read the full article.

  • Change Horizon and Meantime Communications launch the Women in Aviation and Logistics Pledge Source: Air Cargo Week Read the full article.

  • Air cargo addresses its lack of senior women bosses Source: Air Cargo Eye Read the full article.

  • Change Horizon and Meantime Communications Launch the Women in Aviation and Logistics Pledge to Advance Gender Balance in Air Cargo Source: Aviation Pros Read the full article.

  • Industry Companies Asked to Aid in Progressing Gender Equality in Air Cargo Source: Handy Shipping Guide Read the full article.

  • Change Horizon, Meantime urge cargo community to sign ‘Women in Aviation and Logistics Pledge’ Source: The STAT Trade Times Read the full article.

  • Change Horizon, Meantime Communications launch Women in Aviation and Logistics Pledge Source: Logistics Update Africa Read the full article.


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