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Scanning the Horizon: 18-22 Jan

Red, White, And Inclusive: 3 Lessons To Adopt From The 2021 Presidential Inauguration

Source: Forbes

Last week, the US made history with the inauguration of an inclusive and hopeful president and his team. The article points out how the well executed leadership vision with concrete plans for inclusion, diversity and unity could benefit a regular business strategy as well in three ways:

  • Leaders should embrace inclusive leadership personally and communicate with transparency, including on tough topics

  • Diversity of teams should be in company's hiring and retention strategy

  • Leaders should inject hope in their teams about the future of the workplace and create a safe and inclusive work structure where diverse teams can concretely contribute to the strategic organizational goals

Amazon lends support to US President Joe Biden's 'vaccinating 100 mn Americans in the first 100 days' goal

Source: The STAT Trade Times

The new US President Joe Biden has set an ambitious goal to vaccinate 100 million Americans in his first 100 days of presidency. The tech company Amazon, which is the second largest employer in the country an in a letter to the President expressed the comittment to support this vaccination goal with a focus on facilitating immunization to its 800'000 emplyees, which the company describes as essential workers.

3 ways traceability can fulfill the sustainability promise

Source: WEF

As customers, regulators, employees and investors are demanding for more sustainability in B2B and B2Csectors, the article points to a connection between sustainable supply chain and product and higher revenue growth and customer loyalty:

As the solution for sustainable practices at scale, the article advocates for the adption of digital traceablity tools for:

  1. Better visibility on previously opaque supply networks

  2. Possibility to follow a product thoughout its lifecycle

  3. Promote reuse of products and fight counterfeit with digital verfication technologies

Alibaba’s Cainiao launches cargo container booking service

Source: Payload Asia

As the surge in demand for shipping containers in China and delays in containers returning to China continue due to the pandemic, the freight capacity has droped and rates have skyrocketed. In this context, Alibaba's logistics company Cainiao promises to offer 30-40% savings in shipping with its container booking service for air and sear freight.

Boeing says it will make planes able to fly on 100% biofuel by 2030

Source: The Guardian

The largest aerospace company in the world, Boeing has affirmed its commitment to contribute to the world's transition from the use of fossil fuels to carbon neutral energy sources with a concrete goal of delivering commercial airplanes able to fly on 100% biofuel by 2030.

Boeing admits, it will be a challenging task to determine the changes needed to accommodate the safe use of biofuel produced from vegetable oil, animal fats, sugar cane, waste and other sources. Currently, biofuels are mixed with the conventional fuel up to 50/50 maximum allowed ratio.

Climate change, the digital divide, infectious disease, and unemployment are the top global risks

Source: Fast Company

The annual Global Risks Report produced by the World Economic Forum (WEF) ahead of its digital event this week points out the threats in the next 10 years that businesses and governments must tackle:

  • Infectious diseases

  • Employment crisis

  • Youth disillusionment

  • "Digital divide"

  • State collapse

  • Biodiversity loss

  • Adverse outcomes from tech progress like AI


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