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Scanning the Horizon: 25-29 Jan

COVID has worsened inequality even as the rich thrive: Oxfam

Source: Aljazeera

The UK-based aid group Oxfam International released a report detailing the striking economic impact the global pandemic has had on the world's poor and the increasing divide between the poor and the rich it has created: it may take over 10 years for the world's poorest people to recover from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis.

  • 87% of respondents of the survey expect the econoimc inequalities to increase

  • Over 50% said gender inequality will increase and 2/3 reported the same about racial inequality

  • 2/3 believe their governments did not have a plan in place to fight inequalites worsened by the pandemic

How to accelerate the energy transition in developing economies

Source: Prudential via WEF

The article examines the data behind the urgency for countries to reach carbon neutrality and the consequences of delayed actions to the global warming.

As one of the key measures, the author points out the necessity to move away from coal as an energy source and transition to renewable energy faster as the overal energy demand continues to rise:

Source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy

This is how we build a future-ready workforce for the post-COVID world

Source: Amazon Web Services via WEF

The global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology in the workplace and the article argues, that in order to benefit from it, the workforce needs to develop appropriate digital skills supported by four necessary conditions:

  1. Equal access to education and skills training

  2. Appropriate internet access

  3. Private and public sector collaboration

  4. Commitment of leadership

Q&A: Glyn Hughes on vaccine logistics and collaboration

Source: Payload Asia

Our former colleague and boss, Glyn Hughes, who is starting his tenure as TIACA's first Director General on 1 February, shared his insights in COVID-19 vaccine logistics, air cargo modernization and industry collaboration. It is truly great to see Glyn's continuous commitment to cargo digitalization, strenghtening bonds across the industry and pushing for sustainability of air cargo in his future work focus at TIACA.

Three million masks every minute: How Covid-19 is choking the planet

Source: The Straits Times

As masks have been protecting lives of people across the globe throughout the pandemic, the use of disposable masks has contributed to the waste problem which may lead to a long term environmental disaster:

  • 129 billion face masks and 65 billion single use gloves are used and thrown out every month globaly

  • Over 451K tonnes of masks are disposed of globally every month ending up in landfills, waterways and oceans, adding to already enormous amounts of plastic waste

More on the plastic pandemic fueled by the COVID-19 crisis:

Drone Delivery Canada plans to integrate AI into its drone delivery solution

Source: The STAT Trade Times

Drone Delivery Canada or DDC has unveiled its plans to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into its drone delivery solution, including the use of data related to:

  • Weather

  • Air traffic patterns

  • Package delivery patterns

  • Radar data

The use of AI promises to bring optimisation benefits of route planning, fuel consumption to name just a few.


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