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Scanning the Horizon: 26-30 Oct

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Air Canada marks major milestone, operates its 3000th cargo-only flight

Source: STATS Times

Air Canada's fast action to transform its passenger fleet to all-cargo aircraft has proven to help the airline in balancing the ongoing losses caused by the global pandemic:

airline has completed its 3000th all-cargo scheduled flight from Montréal to Amsterdam, carrying nearly 22,000 kilograms of freight ranging from fresh vegetables and herbs to flowers.

It is really great to see carriers taking bold moves to shift focus in light of the global pandemic to where the business needs are and alleviate some of the negative pressures. In some cases, where passenger flights are no longer happening, air cargo is proving to be the key revenue source for airlines.

Flexport adds its weight to hi-tech push for greener logistics

Source: The Loadstar

Flexport, a logistics technology company, joined forces with the online payment platform Stripe and invested in Stripe Climate, that "uses its payment system to allow online businesses to contribute funds towards projects working to remove CO2 from the atmosphere."

Flexport is not the only air cargo business ramping up efforts to reduce their impact on environment and cut CO2 emissions. Kuehne Nagel and CN on their part have released carbon calculators allowing clients to oversee how much CO2 will be emitted on a particular journey.

We believe, only when the whole industry joins these efforts collectively, we can expect to see the real difference happen, but every step forward is important in the meantime.

'People want a job with purpose': why businesses are becoming more sustainable

Source: The Guardian

As more businesses are shifting to a more environmentally friendly ways of operating, the Guardian explores the context in which the workforce is seeking for "greener" jobs too:

  • FAO estimates that responding to climate-related emergencies will create over 200 million new jobs in the upcoming decades

  • ILO estimates that 6 million jobs could be created by adopting a circular economy approach

As companies are advancing towards greener work practices, this article pointed out an important aspect that helps - it is not enough to create standalone "sustainability officer" positions to help companies transition, all jobs need to have a responsability aspect embedded.

Honeywell’s fly-by-wire system will be the brains of Pipistrel’s cargo drone

Source: InceptiveMind

Slovenian aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel has joined forces with the Honeywell to produce a fully electric UAV capable of flying with over 300 killometers with around 300 kilograms of cargo load, typically to areas accesible by helpicopters.

For a fully electric drone, the combination between the load and the flying range is impressive, and we are looking forward to the next news on this project impatiently.

‘Dynamic load factors’ more realistic for air cargo, TIACA says

Source: Payload Asia

The global air cargo association is advocating for a new and more accurate cargo load factor which takes into account both weight and volume of freight. This metodology is proving to show a much more accurate state of air cargo load factor - and a much higher one than traditionally reported. For example, in September, air cargo load factor measured by weight only was 47%, while a dynamic one - a striking 70%.

This is a massive difference which can have a significant impact on business decisions and better explain air cargo price fluctuations.

Unlocking A Post-Covid Startup ‘She-Covery’

Source: Forbes

The COVID-19 crisis has affected the global economy with a different strike strenght towards men and women. Unfortunately, women and underrepresented minorities have been bearing an oversized imact to their businesses and without government support and needed investment may not survive and recover.

The article showcases with data and facts how women-driven businesses were absolutely key in driving the economic recovery post-2008 economic crisis and how much is at stake if there is not enough support coming towards female-found businesses this time around.


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