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Scanning the Horizon: 30 Nov - 4 Dec

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Humanitarian logistics: Flying for greater good

Source: STAT Trade Times

Over the past year a number of airlines, including Astral Aviation, Emirates SkyCargo and Qatar Airways have transported humanitarian aid, COVID-19 related medical supplies and medicine to the most vulnerable and affected parts of the world. Humanitarian logistics requires an extremely strong collaboriation between the industry partners, great network and efficiency. The article explores how far the industry, governments, international bodies like the World Food Program (WFP) can go with a strong will and partnerships.

Hackers target COVID vaccine cold chain

Source: Air Cargo Week

While the national governments, logistics community, manufacturers and the global community are hard at work preparing for the transportation of the COVID-19 vaccines, the cold chain intelligence has become a target for cyber-espionage, as reported by the IBM.

Phishing emails and impersonation have been used to gather intelligence from various countries authorities and Gavi, the Global Vaccine Alliance. This proves how even with the best of will to work together for a common good, it is important to stay vigilant and alert.

FedEx Express ups capacity across its Asia Pacific network

Source: Air Cargo News

As the e-commerce continues to grow and the Christmas holidays season approaches, FedEx Express expanded its cargo capacity in Asia Pacific region serving routes towards Europe and Australia.

This step is enabling smaller and more local businesses grow faster by selling online and without needing to open physical shops in different parts of the world as a traditional expansion strategy in the past. The growth of e-commerce is driving a significant economic, social and cultural change across the world, which is just gaining speed. We are impatient to see how it evolves next.

Explained: why renewables became so cheap so fast

Source: Our World in Data

Over the past decade the shift to renewable energy sources has pushed their price down: as the capacity grew, the price droped accordingly. This was not the case for the fossil fuels or nuclear energy, and today we live in a world where the power from renewables is cheaper than power from new fossil fuels:

Cheaper energy is great news for low income countries, as it means the real income of people rises. Renewable energy thus proves to be a strong driver for a greener world and helps to achieve more economic growth, especially in the poorest countries.

Fewer women CEOs have been appointed since the start of the COVID-19 crisis - here’s why

Source: World Economic Forum

A new report is proving the negative impact the global pandemic has had on women in professional setting: companies have been defaulting to hiring males as their CEOs and currently there are only 5% of female CEOs in the world, Brazil taking the bottom place with 0% and Ireland leading with 15% women in leadership.

Image source: Heidrick & Struggles "Route to the Top 2020"

Forwarders see their cargo bumped as vaccine shipments take off

Source: The Loadstar

The freight forwarders are starting to feel the capacity crunch and a rise in airfreight costs as airlines are prioritizing the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines related cargo as well as testing kits. Freight forwarders are starting to complain about being bumped off scheduled flights and as the space decreases airlines keep increasing rates.

The tensions are getting high and this is just a begining of an intense marathon of vaccine logistics.


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