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Scanning the Horizon: 4-8 Jan

Research: Women Are Better Leaders During a Crisis

Source: Harvard Business Review

The research presented by the Harvard Business Review points to a phenomenon of the "glass cliff" which describes an idea that women get promoted to leadership positions when a company is in a deep crisis and needs saving. Just as a recent example, COVID-19 crisis has shown countries led by females dealt with the outbreak better than countries led by men.

In the research, competence-based analysis proved women performed better in a number of areas:

One of the main reasons why women proved to perform better, is that women demonstrated better results in employee engagement, notably, communicating well, inspiring and motivating their teams, building relationships and collaborating effectively.

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Global air cargo volumes on the rise

Source: Air Cargo Week

December holiday season brought positivity to air transport industry, as air cargo volumes grew for the first time in over a year, recording 8% increase in the last weeks of December. The airfreight industry also marked a record load factor of 73% calculated by taking both cargo volume and weight into account.

Interestingly, the was no major impact on air cargo volumes generated from the shipments of COVID-19 vaccine yet.

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How inclusion helps companies succeed

Source: Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania via WEF