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Scanning the Horizon: 8-13 Nov

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

IATA’s Hughes to take director general role at TIACA

Source: Air Cargo News

A blast of major news hit the air cargo industry as it was announced Glyn Hughes will be taking the leadership role of Director General at the International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), effective 1 February 2021. We are thrilled Glyn has applied to the role after TIACA has been transformed and modernized. Great recognition for the work done by Change Horizon!

Glyn Hughes has build a strong leadership career in air cargo industry, with three decades of experience in airfreight, passenger, financial, training and industry affairs. Hughes is joining the newly transformed Association with a strong ambition to "build bridges between industry players to tackle the challenges and help the industry get ready for the transportation of Covid-19 vaccines which will be one of his first priorities at TIACA next year."

We congratulate Glyn with the new appointment and whish him all the best in tackling the new challenges!

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Moderna's coronavirus vaccine is 94.5% effective, according to company data

Source: CNN

Moderna's vaccine, tested on 15,000 people, came out with a striking 94.5% effectivness rate, according to early data released today.

Compared to Pfizer's vaccine, Moderna's vaccine has a strong logistical advantage - it does not need to be kept as cold - it requires -20 degrees Celsius (compared to -70 degrees Celsius for Pfizer's vaccine). Also, it can be kept refrigerated for 30 days, compared to only 5 days for Pfizer's vaccine.

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Alibaba's Singles Day is over. Now comes the task of delivering $74 billion of merchandise ordered on world's largest shopping holiday.

Source: Business Insider